Why opinion polls are BS

Are sexual harassment accusations from multiple women a deal-breaker? No, according to a plurality of Republican voters in a Quinnipiac poll out today. Forty-three percent of them said they’d still […]

“I’m sorry, BUT…”

My opinion: any “apology” that includes a phrase similar to “I will be entering a program/beginning treatment/resuming counselling” or “I apologise if anyone was offended by my actions/words/whatever” is not […]

Having a break from Facebook

So, I’ve joined my mate Gus in taking a break from Facebook. Mine’s not virtually permanent like his, though, just a couple of weeks. The trigger for this one was […]

Is it OK to admit you’re struggling?

A good mate of mine just asked on Whatsapp how I’m going. Truly, not so great. I’m a lot over this. I’ve apparently had the world’s-worst viral tonsilitis after the […]