Getting started is often the hardest thing   Recently updated !

“Well, DUH,” I hear you all saying. “No kidding, juice, no kidding.” But it’s even more true when you have depression. Let me try to explain. Unless you’re the “throw […]

Well over this week or so   Recently updated !

Well, horrible week. Trying to break that with this post 🙂 You know the old saying “it never rains but it pours”? Well, yeah. That. And it’s not linear, it’s […]

My podcasts   Recently updated !

My strange podcast list… Firstly, the app I use to listen to them — Pocketcasts. Best around for me. I used Doggcatcher initially, but I do prefer this one. I like the […]

What is Patreon?   Recently updated !

Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter, often without a physical product. In other words, you’re buying content by supporting the creator of that content. For example, I support the Daily […]