The cluelessness of the Yarra Council   Recently updated !

If you ever needed proof that the Yarra Council doesn’t even pretend to care about the people living inside its bounds, (well, apart from the “Refugees Welcome” banners they put […]

Podcasts I listen to   Recently updated !

My strange podcast list… Firstly, the app I use to listen to them — Pocketcasts. Best around for me. I used Doggcatcher initially, but I do prefer this one. I like the […]

The cluelessness of the Commonwealth Bank

Here’s a good example of truly horrible and misleading corporate communications. On Saturday morning I got this message on my phone: Not very informative or useful, so I logged on […]

Three really good articles on Medium

Read them all, they’re not long. The Collector’s Fallacy: Why We Gather Things We Don’t Need (academia) Picasso’s Napkin: The Myth of the Overnight Success (academia/life) That Good Ol’ Fashioned […]

Far out, just do the damn thing

This photo of Thesis Cat is an extremely accurate representation of my output this week. As you know via my last post, the second assessment is in, and the third […]