Hey, Living Social!

Hey, is there any chance that you might write your blurbs with the idea that some actual information would be a good thing?

Take the current one for Melbourne East – Gibe African Restaurant. “enjoy an all-you-can-eat African feast for two people on Friday or Saturday nights including a glass of soft drink or wine (usually $50) or for the same price, nab a two-course dinner for two, including a kitfo sandwich for two to start, any two mains from the menu and two African beers (usually $56)” So the “feast” (whatever that is, you don’t explain) is Fri/Sat, but when is the other available? They don’t have a website that works, so why don’t you tell us? What about the menu? It’s on Urbanspoon, but people have to go looking, and know that US sometimes has a menu, although there no way of telling if it’s current or not.

Look at some of the other voucher sellers and see that they use dot-points (yes, revolutionary) to give actual useful information, rather than a heap of words that rarely make sense and are invariably useless.

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