Want a short google+ URL?

If you’re one of the few lucky people with a google+ profile, you can grab a short nick for it if you’re so inclined. (i.e. http://gplus.to/juice) Virtual offices .

Android apps/widgets I use (phone)

YOU’RE probably thinking to yourself that you don’t much care which apps I use. And that’s fair enough, too – why would you? Well, it’s a good starting place when […]

What’s google up to?

Why is it that google can’t figure out how to launch a new product? They’ve just launched google+ (stupid name) which bears more than a little resemblance to Facebook, but […]

Honeycomb twitter clients

Well, I’ve tried a few twitter clients since I got my Acer A500 10.1” tablet, and for me, the best is Tweetcomb. (What I really want is for Tweetdeck to […]

Moved again…

Third host in a couple of months, this one comes highly recommended. Let’s hope. I’m now with www.hostgator.com, and they’ve been really stable so far. Nice.