Three really good articles on Medium

Read them all, they’re not long. The Collector’s Fallacy: Why We Gather Things We Don’t Need (academia) Picasso’s Napkin: The Myth of the Overnight Success (academia/life) That Good Ol’ Fashioned […]

Far out, just do the damn thing

This photo of Thesis Cat is an extremely accurate representation of my output this week. As you know via my last post, the second assessment is in, and the third […]

Assignment 2 filed

So, that’s done. Not as well as I would have liked, but done. Filed. Over. Errr, submitted, even. First rule of assessment submission – don’t ever look at it again. […]

LOL #hashtags

When you’re not sure if the original clueless post demonstrates well enough that you have no clue, make a followup post to remove all doubt. Oh yeah – that “like” […]

Getting started is often the hardest thing

“Well, DUH,” I hear you all saying. “No kidding, juice, no kidding.” But it’s even more true when you have depression. Let me try to explain. Unless you’re the “throw […]