Things I do and use that help me at uni   Recently updated !

Look, I’m just a lowly honours student, so you may think this is all crap. That’s fine, I was a journalist for a LONG time, so what people think of […]

PDF software – PDF-XChange   Recently updated !

Ok, so I should actually be studying. BUT, I really just need a break, and to write something that isn’t academic gibberish. So I’ll write a brief product review. This […]

A new chapter begins

So, I’m now enrolled at Deakin[1]. (Another uni here in Melbourne, way out in the sticks in terms of public transport from here, about an hour and a half each […]

How fragile we are   Recently updated !

So, I want to finish my Honours. Not a shock to most people, I’m sure. After a couple of unanswered emails to Monash (because I was emailing people who are […]