A very positive “beginning” post :-)

From the amazing Inspirobot, which is usually hilarious – it is an AI that pokes fun at the Deepak Chopra and co idiots of the world by making up pretend […]

Moving forward

Just to prove it’s not all doom-and-gloom here, a post about a positive! I’ve finally started reading the above book. I’ve got a few that I’ve downloaded that I’ll look […]

Doing it again…

  …that whole “initial step” thing. Where “initial step” is every single step, pretty much. Had a great meeting with my thesis advisor a few weeks ago, and we’ve dumped […]

The cluelessness of the Yarra Council

If you ever needed proof that the Yarra Council doesn’t even pretend to care about the people living inside its bounds, (well, apart from the “Refugees Welcome” banners they put […]

Podcasts I listen to

My strange podcast list… Firstly, the app I use to listen to them — Pocketcasts. Best around for me. I used Doggcatcher initially, but I do prefer this one. I like the […]